Hand Held Halo OBDII Datalogger

Hand Held Halo OBDII Datalogger 1.97

Hand Held Halo OBDII Datalogger provides real-time sensor monitoring

They provide Computer OBDI (OBD1) & OBDII (OBD2) ECU datalogging data logger instructions, cables and software solutions for diagnostic and performance monitoring of Mitsubishi 3000GT, GTO, Dodge Stealth, DSM, 3000 GT, VR4, 3si, Eagle Talon TSI, Eclipse, 3sx, EVO and Galant Cars plus many more European and Asian vehicles. The datalogger instructions and data logging cable kits are available for both PC and Hand Held Palm PDA’s.
Main features:
- Real-time Sensor Monitoring
- Display & Clear Over 1900 Diagnostic Trouble Codes
- Reset Engine Check Light
- Oxygen (Lambda) Sensor Monitoring
- Real-time Performance Datalogging
- Real-time gauges
- Vehicle Speed
- Export Session Data
- Future features, Horsepower….and much, much more!

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